About Us

Precise Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer of gas control manifold systems and gas manifold accessories. Founded in 2001 by two gentlemen with over 30 years experience respectively in the industry. PEC made its mark immediately by developing the industry’s first and only patented automatic switchover manifold possessing the capability to utilize both liquid and cylinder gas supplies interchangeably.

Years later, PEC continues to build its reputation of excellence in product and service, one manifold system at a time.

Our Products

PEC offers medical gas manifold systems and accessoriesspecialty gas gas manifold systems and accessories, and industrial gas manifold systems and accessories. PEC products include simplex, duplex, pressure differential, and fully automatic manifold systems, gas blenders and mixers, station drops, headers of all shapes and sizes, flashback arresters, relief valves, remote alarms, telemetry options, flow meters, pressure switches, and more.  Precise Equipment Company is also proud to offer Mighty Pipe.