Single Outlet Droppers

Single and Double outlets are the most common type of station drops and are available in either a “B” size for a hose fitting and flow meters, or a “C” size outlet for a station regulator. Maximum inlet pressure is 200 psig. Each drop comes complete with:

  • Master Shut-off Valve
  • Check Valve on Oxygen & Fuel Gas
  • Individual Shut-off Valve on Multi Outlet Drop
  • Dust cap/plug with Chain
  • Labeled for Gas Service
  • Triple and Quad Outlet Drop Available

Single Outlet Drops

Gas Service Model Number Outlet
Acetylene SOD1000R-B 9/16"-18 LH Ext.
SOD1000R-C 7/8"-14 LH Ext.
Argon SOD1000A-B 5/8"-18 RH Int.
SOD1000A-C 7/8"-14 RH Int.
Carbon Dioxide SOD1000C-B 5/8"-18 RH Int.
SOD1000C-C 7/8"-14 RH Int.
LPG SOD1000Y-B 9/16"-18 LH Ext.
SOD1000Y-C 7/8"-14 LH Ext.
Nitrogen SOD1000N-B 5/8"-18 RH Int.
SOD1000N-C 7/8"-14 RH Int.
Oxygen SOD1000G-B 9/16"-18 RH Ext.
SOD1000G-C 7/8"-14 RH Ext.

Double Outlet Drops

Gas Service Model Number Outlet
Acetylene DOD1000R-B 9/16"-18 LH Ext.
DOD1000R-C 7/8"-14 LH Ext.
Argon DOD1000A-B 5/8"-18 RH Int.
DOD1000A-C 7/8"-14 RH Int.
Carbon Dioxide DOD1000C-B 5/8"-18 RH Int.
DOD1000C-C 7/8"-14 RH Int.
LPG DOD1000Y-B 9/16"-18 LH Ext.
DOD1000Y-C 7/8"-14 LH Ext.
Nitrogen DOD1000N-B 5/8"-18 RH Int.
DOD1000N-C 7/8"-14 RH Int.
Oxygen DOD1000G-B 9/16"-18 RH Ext.
DOD1000G-C 7/8"-14 RH Ext.

Gas Distribution Center

The GDC can be configured with any combination of gases and size of station drop to meet the gas flow requirements.  Each Gas Distribution Center is enclosed in a powder coated steel frame that includes lifting lugs, and an expanded metal protective top.