Company Overview

[vc_row gap=”50″ css_tabs=”” font_color=”” overlay_color=”” overlay_color_opacity=”50″ overlay_pattern=”” overlay_pattern_opacity=”50″ full_page_width=”” toc_id=”” bg_image_fb=”” bg_image_repeat_fb=””][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Precise Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer of gas control manifold systems headquartered in Denton, Texas. Founded in 2001 by two gentlemen with over 30 years experience respectively in the industry. PEC made its mark immediately by developing the industry’s first and only patented automatic switchover manifold possessing the capability to utilize both liquid and cylinder gas supplies interchangeably.

Years later, PEC continues to build its reputation of excellence in product and service, one manifold system at a time.

Why Precise Equipment Company? What Makes PEC Better Than Everyone Else?

  • We are specialist. There are many companies that produce manifolds as a sideline product, but PEC focuses exclusively on manifolds. We are manifolds.
  • Leading-edge technology. PEC’s patented manifold technology allows both liquid and high-pressure gas supplies to be utilized interchangeably throughout the lifetime of the product.
  • Accessible expertise. Calling PEC’s toll-free number results in instant access to PEC’s experienced Team.
  • Flexibility. PEC designs manifold systems for even the most unique applications.
  • Industry proven. PEC is already the chosen manifold supplier for many of the largest companies in the industry, including private label arrangements.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Prompt delivery.

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What Does Precise Equipment Sell and Which Markets do They Serve?

PEC manufactures gas control manifold systems and accessories for the medical, specialty gas, and industrial markets. PEC products include simplex, duplex, pressure differential, and fully automatic manifold systems, gas blenders/mixers, station drops, headers of all shapes and sizes, flashback arresters, relief valves, remote alarms, telemetry options, flow meters, pressure switches, and more.

Specialty Gas

Laboratories, cryogenics, and lasers are just a few examples of applications that fall within the realm of specialty, or “spec” gas. Precise Equipment Company’s complete line of high purity brass and stainless steel gas control manifold systems and accessories is specifically designed to serve the needs of this unique market. So whether it is compound analysis, cryogenic liquids, pharmaceutical laboratory research, or management of lasing and assist gas for lasers, PEC has a gas or cryogenic manifold system to fully satisfy the customer.


The medical market continues to expand dramatically, and Precise Equipment Company serves this segment with a full line of manifolds designed to meet the needs of the medical community. From large-scale hospitals to regional centers for surgery, from long term care nursing facilities to acute care centers, PEC can design and produce the ideal gas control system to satisfy any end user’s requirement.


No one serves the industrial market with greater expertise and a more exhaustive line of gas manifold systems and accessories than Precise Equipment CompanyPEC industrial products include simplex, duplex, pressure differential, automatic, and fully automatic manifolds as well as station drops, pigtails, heaters, mixers/blenders… You name it and more than likely Precise carries it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]