Compressed Air and Inert Gas Piping

Looking for compressed air and inert gas piping?

Lower your operating costs by installing a composite air piping system
for compressed air and inert gas applications.


Mighty Pipe composite pipe[/one_half]


Upgrade your compressed air system to Mighty Pipe today!

Our Mighty Pipe is the combination of two light weight and durable materials, combining HDPE with an inner core of aluminum provides the ultimate flexibility and life expectancy for your compressed air and inert gas piping.

This compressed air and inert gas piping will lower operating cost with efficiency. The fewer fittings and flexible rigidity on this composite material allows installers to simple roll the pipe on the ground, and then cut to length. This eliminates the need to thread connections, creating a less friction and allowing higher flow.

All Mighty Pipe connections have a double o-ring seal and are connected with nickel plated brass fittings to reduce corrosion. These fittings can be assembled and disassembled on Mighty Pipe, without the need of Teflon tape.

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